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Monday, November 29, 2021  

Bloom Where You’re PlantedPublished 10/14/2008

It is the time of year to put your tulip bulbs in the ground. I am not really a big gardener, but I do know a few things about gardening. If you do not put the bulbs in the ground and begin the process, you will not see the beautiful tulips in your yard in the spring.

It is almost common sense. While it does take some time and some tender loving care most of work is done by nature. Most of us think that fall is the time of year when the leaves are falling off the trees and not about growth or new development. Actually the opposite is true of gardening because everything in nature is about growth and renewal. There is a time when we need to shed the old to make room for the new. Sometimes we just need to take a look at our inventory and at other times we need to take action. I also believe that the same is true of our careers or our jobs. Are you facing burnout? Are you bored on the job? Do you love your job but want to advance? How do we really know when to stay or when to go? How do we really know if we can bloom where we are planted?

In 2005, I found myself in cycle of confusion, a predicament and I really didn’t know if I should leave my job and the comforts of a bimonthly paycheck, or if I should just continue to do what I had been doing for the last five years. I was working for a hospital and the benefits were good. The friendships that I had were wonderful, like family.

It wasn’t that anyone was being mean to me or that my boss was dissatisfied with my work. I was just dissatisfied inside because I wanted to grow. The question that I kept asking myself is how do I decide if I should stay or go? How could I begin to bloom where I was planted? It seemed everyone knew me in one particular role and nothing more. I thought to myself, I am more and I can do more. But how do I let them know.

Here are some steps you might want to take if you catch yourself pondering the same questions about staying or going that I did or maybe you are asking yourself how can I begin to bloom where I am planted?

v Ask yourself are doing everything in your present position to the best of your ability?

v What do you need to do to improve yourself or position?

v Do you want to advance in this position or another?

v What do you need to do in order to advance?

v Review past evaluations. What are your yearly evaluations telling you?

v Have you discussed your situation with your boss/supervisor?

v What does this person recommend?

v Are you involved in other projects that can show that you are eager to learn and grow?

v How do your co-workers treat you or act around you?

v Do your co-workers respect you?

v Are you a team leader?

v What is your communication style?

After reviewing these questions you should be able to find out if the issue of growing where you are planted is internal or external. The questions above indicate that there could be some things going on externally. Sometimes there are barriers we must break to move forward. Is the soil ready?

Do you know what the barriers are? Is someone holding you back? Is the timing correct? Sometimes we can not bloom because we really don’t want to change. Change can be scary. Sometimes we tend to blame our problems on others when the real issue is our own viewpoint of ourselves. Ask yourself these questions to find out if maybe the issue is internal?

v Are really tired of the same old job or is it something else?

v Is your attitude really the bad one at work and with your co-workers?

v Do you long for more, yet you don’t want to do anything about it?

v Does everyone irritate you on the job?

v Do you watch the clock only to wish for quitting time, everyday?

v Are you always taking off when you have available paid time off?

v Are you bored on the job?

v Do you have family issues or financial issues going on that are eating up all your time?

v Are you sure you are getting enough sleep and exercise?

v Are you taking care of everyone else’s problems and don’t have enough time for you own?

Everyone can bloom where they are planted, but sometimes we need help to fight through the weeds. Sometimes we need to make sure this is where the bulb should grow. We need to take the first step and plant the bulb. Take the time to check the environment and make sure all the correct ingredients are there to ensure growth. I believe if we do our part the rest will happen.


Deresa Claybrook, MS, RHIT has over 25 years of experience in the health care industry. She is the president of Positive Resource, which specializes in Human Resource Management and Health Information Management with a special emphasis on transitioning the health care community to the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

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