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Wednesday, January 26, 2022  

I Got My Daughter BackPublished 8/12/2008

A lot of you know about my daughter, Kari. At the age of twenty-nine, she got breast cancer. Her livelihood suddenly faded away.

In the last two years, she had several biopsies, a double mastectomy, two rounds of radiation, chemo and numerous doctors’ visits. She had time to let her body heal, physically and mentally, only to face another challenge in the world of medicine.

At the same time, she continued to function as a loving wife, take care of two young daughters, along with trying to cope with everyday ups and downs as her life was put on ‘hold.’ Her latest surgery was breast reconstruction with flap techniques.

Breast reconstruction is a physically and emotionally taxing procedure. With each hysterectomy, breast biopsy, or mastectomy, it is like a part of a woman’s self image is removed. We don’t feel very pretty inside or out.

We have a feeling of guilt as we feel helpless as others take on our responsibilities.

It is hard to explain but I am sure every woman that has had any kind of procedure done can relate to the feeling of a piece of womanhood being taken away.

It is important for a woman to feel ready for the emotional adjustment involved. Life continues on.

Because of Kari’s situation, the radiation had burned her skin so much, that her body would have rejected breast implants, instead, having breast reconstruction with the flap technique.

The flap technique may result in a more natural feeling breast when little tissue or muscle remains following a mastectomy.

A Diep flap uses donor muscle, fat and skin from a woman’s abdomen, to reconstruct the breast. The flap may either remain tethered to the original blood supply and be tunneled up to the chest wall, or it is completely detached and formed into a breast mound using microsurgical techniques.

My husband and I want to thank all of the doctors and nurses at St. Anthony’s hospital for the excellent care. The nine hour surgery was rough but what a blessing as prayers were answered as God took care of our little girl.

We want to thank the many friends that have given their time to help the Moroz family in so many ways. From prayers to childcare and everything in-between, everyone has blessed their lives. We are all truly grateful.

While Kari is recovering, she has been staying with good ole (not old) mom and dad. Her husband Chris and two daughters are staying at their house and see Kari about thirty minutes a day. This alone is rewarding but wears her out.

Thank goodness for Web Cams. Kari is improving each and every day. Because of Kari’s young age, she is recovering very well.

What is the next step for Kari? She will continue to recover and her body will get stronger. She is healing on the inside and the outside as she is beginning to feel pretty again.

It will be a long recovery but it will be worth it as my little girl becomes a woman again.

I can’t wait to take her on a shopping spree, buying her just the right outfit to make her feel special. We will spend the whole day together, talking and laughing.

We will go for a massage, getting pampered and we will enjoy the day as we celebrate the joy of being a woman.

A lot of you know about my daughter, Kari. At the age of thirty-one, she is a breast cancer survivor. She is my brave and courageous hero. I got my daughter back. Kari, I love you.

Vickie Jenkins is a medical assistant for Dr. Adler, Dr. Lee and Dr. Wilks. She is an author/publisher of a children’s book, The Mulberry Gang, has had numerous articles published in newspapers and magazines, as well as books of compiled stories.

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