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Thursday, January 23, 2020  

Making Time For FriendsPublished 1/8/2008

My New Year gift to you is the chance to bring more love and laughter into your life.

It begins with the story about how my new clients start coaching. I have them fill out a "Wheel of Life". On this wheel people rate where they are at this moment in several categories, and one of them is having friends.

I don’t recall anyone having rated friends highly, not because they don’t have any, but because they don’t have enough time for them.

Does this ring a bell for any of you out there? In my own case, until moving to Denver, I didn’t appreciate all the marvelous friends I had left behind in Los Angele.s. I had not spent quality time with in years.

Back then all we did was talk on the phone when we were driving from one appointment to the next. It never occurred to me I wouldn’t be able to see them anytime I wanted to.

Once in Denver I missed my LA friends terribly and wanted to spend time with them, but it was too late. I was just sick with regret about all that was missed out on.

Why wasn’t time made for dinner, a movie, coffee, or a walk on the beach? Worst of all one of them died after I moved.

I was lucky enough to have spent one of the last days with her and say what hadn’t been said, but oh what grief I experienced over all the times we never had.

Having gone through this experience, I was given the gift of making things different with the new friends made in Denver. Yes, we still talk on the phone while going from appointment to appointment, but I make much more of an effort to schedule one on one time for my friends. I never again want to take for granted the special people who are in my life.

In order to make this work, I have learned to schedule time and make it a priority. Every month time is made for at least one friend. You don’t have to see everyone often, but every few months is a huge step.

In December, I am thrilled to say I made something happen that I had thought about for years.

I invited a group to my home to sing Christmas carols. It was so much fun I plan to make it an annual event. Going to bed that night I had a smile on my face, knowing I had reached out. I had made a new tradition I can look forward to.

Give yourself the gift of showing up for your friends this year. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time; see them in person whether it’s a social event, a movie or an intimate dinner. Give yourself a chance to truly connect; there is a gift for all concerned.

The quality time is priceless with love, laughter, sheer joy and warmth that can fill your soul for years to come. Why would you want to miss out on all of this?

Sherry L. Ray, CPCC is a national speaker, international business/life coach, and a Reiki Master/Teacher. She can be reached thru her website or by phone at (303) 796-9066

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