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Tuesday, October 16, 2018  

Brand New Year Brings Many New OpportunitiesPublished 12/31/2007

Well, 2008 is right around the corner. We will watch on the TV the celebrations from Times Square and celebrate the New Year. There will be New Year’s Day parades and of course, football.

There will be the New Year’s resolutions such as losing weight, quiting smoking, etc. I have put some thought into what I could do including the normal New Year’s resolutions, but I felt maybe it was time to do something in addition to the normal resolutions.

I have decided that I would like to do something to help the community. In Oklahoma, we do still have individuals who need assistance with food. So I think that adopting a family would be in order. There are many wonderful organizations such as Angel Food Ministries, Red Cross, our local shelters and church organizations who would appreciate any assistance. Also I felt that donating time to assist individuals such as visiting our elderly in nursing centers, wellness health clinics, and even just visiting our neighbors who are elderly or disabled would be a wonderful opportunity.

As you know I love animals. We have adopted three of our dogs. One was from our local Oklahoma City shelter, and the other two are rescue dogs. There are very wonderful opportunities to help rescue these fantastic animals. Like I said, there is the Oklahoma City shelter, Pets and People, and there are other wonderful rescue organizations. If you like animals, it would make a difference and they will be a perfect addition to your family.

One of my patients told me recently that she and her family donate money every year to a local hospice. My patient lost her son-in-law to cancer. The family felt that hospice made all the difference in this difficult time. So I felt this would be a great idea to donate to hospice, cancer organizations and other health organizations. I do not have to donate a million dollars to make a difference; every dollar helps these fantastic organizations. My mother is a cancer survivor. She had malignant melanoma. So I am grateful to all the doctors, medical staff, and to the higher power to have my mother.

My mother is a very strong caring person. She teaches Sunday school and also provides transportation for her class. Her class has many elderly individuals. This is another wonderful opportunity to assist our neighbors and fellow Oklahoman’s by taking them to the store, physician, or to visit family.

Then, finally, on a personal note. I am a clutter bug. I do not deny nor do I like it. So my own personal New Year’s resolution? "Organization". My New Years’ resolution is to become more organized in my home, my office and my life. The 1st thing to do is - open the closet, stand tall, and stare at it up and down (show NO FEAR!) then slowly stare from left to right. This will help you avoid an attack from your closet (since you are looking around for loose items in your closet that may fall on you). After the showdown is over, you wrestle using the 3 "C" techniques


Commit yourself to a reasonable time frame & stick to it. Make it fun by challenging yourself to accomplish a task by a particular time frame - no coffee break, no bathroom break. For example say, "I will remove all the items from my closet within X hour(s); I will not have the Krispy Cream donut in the kitchen until I finish removing the clothes."


Quickly collect & sort all the items from your closet into a large bag or container or area. Place all similar items together. Do not analyze the items because this will make the process longer - the technique of collecting grabs your wrestling opponent to tame "it" before the conquest.


On 3 white pieces of paper write KEEP, DONATE, & TRASH. Tape them on a designated space on your floor. Then, choose what you want to tackle first and determine what you need to place back in the closet. Be realistic – if you haven’t used an items in more than a year, chances are that you will not use it. Get rid of it. Many times we will find items that we thought we lost or forgot we had.

I hope you all have a very happy New Year. I feel that this New Year will give all a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow.

Angela Lash R.N. C.M is an RN Case Manager for Girling Healthcare, Oncology RN and writer. She can be reached via email at

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