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Friday, August 7, 2020  

Vein and Laser Specialists provide advanced technologyPublished 12/22/2004

by Barbara Scarpella Reed

Staff Writer

Colorado’s lifestyle and the need for a Venous Center in the Denver area enticed

Dr. J. C. Agostini and wife Christine to relocate from New York. Dr. Agostini, a specialist in Phlebology and Christine, RN, BSN opened the Vein and Laser Specialists at Cherry Creek in 2002.

Dr. Agostini is highly specialized in his field, he is a board certified general and vascular surgeon with over 20 years experience in treating varicose and spider veins.

Dr. Agostini opened four successful clinics in New York State providing medically advanced alternatives in the treatment of venous disease.

"Vein disease is a huge unmet need of patients, says Dr. Agostini, 25 to 35 percent of women and 15 to 20 percent of men will experience venous disease during their lifetime." Dr. Agostini explains there is clearly a genetic component to venous disease often predominant in the Western European populations. He has treated patients ranging in ages from 12 to 94 years-old. These vein conditions consist of large varicose veins or spider veins, often looking like road maps under the skin surface, most often affecting the legs.

"This disease can be merely cosmetic or lead to serious medical concerns, said Dr. Agostini. Care of the vein patient has not received the attention from the medical profession it requires, vein disease is ultimately a quality of life issue. Patients postpone treatment, learning to live with the discomfort and unsightliness of varicose veins," says Dr. Agostini.

The consequences and symptoms of untreated varicose veins are pain, discomfort, including leg heaviness, fatigue, dull ache, itching, burning, thickening or discoloration of the skin. More advance cases include leg ulcers, blood clots and external spontaneous bleeding.

Professions most affected by venous disease are people who sit or stand for long, uninterrupted periods. They may include nurses, teachers, and others who work long hours at computers. The decreased mobility lends itself to venous stasis, pooling of the return circulation of the lower extremities.

Vein and Laser Specialists at Cherry Creek offer comprehensive care with advanced state of the art technology. This technology provides an alternative to the traditional surgical ligation and stripping procedures of veins. EndoVenous Laser Therapy commonly known as EVLT, is a medical procedure performed in the office, needing only local anesthesia, allowing immediate return to normal activity. "This treatment is minimally invasive, leaving no scars with very gratifying results," said Dr. Agostini.

The goal of treatment is to help the patient meet their goals of looking and feeling their absolute best.

Christine, a registered nurse, trained in the field of Phlebology is an essential professional at the center. She performs diagnostic assessments using ultrasound. This determines with great precision where the venous problem originates, providing Dr. Agostini and Christine the ability to create a treatment plan with great accuracy. Christine also provides teaching aids regarding treatment and medical evaluations, as well as assisting with the procedure. "Any opportunity for a nurse to use the full spectrum of his or her skills such as assessment and teaching is a welcome one. It is particularly rewarding to help increase public awareness about venous disease and the incredible advances made in its treatment just within the last five years," says Christine.

Dr. Agostini is very proactive in his efforts to encourage nurses to become educated through specialized training in the field of Phlebology, increasing awareness regarding venous disease. "Nurses do a lot of networking and teaching, not only to patients but to communities," states Dr. Agostini.

Vein and Laser Specialists are planning to offer "Updates on New Treatments for Venous Disease" seminars directed to nurses and allied health professionals. To be announced in up coming Nursing Star issues. For more information, contact Dr. Agostini at Vein and Laser Specialists at Cherry Creek - 303.333.8889, located at 425 South Cherry St., Suite 321, Denver, CO 80246 or see

Dr. J. C. Agostini and wife Christine share in their commitment to treating patients with Venous disease.  Photo by Barbara Scarpella Reed
Dr. J. C. Agostini and wife Christine share in their commitment to treating patients with Venous disease. Photo by Barbara Scarpella Reed
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